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Economic Activities

Marian Munteanu founded, in 1995, a Human Resources Agency, where he worked during the period

1995-1999, as manager and consultant.

During the period 1995-2000 he was also a shareholder in some other SMEs activating in economic areas such as publishing, consultancy, marketing, advertising, constructions.

None of these companies ever contracted preferential or low-performing credits, did not buy goods or previously state owned assets, did not sign contracts with state owned companies and did not benefit from financial support (national or international).

Starting with the year 2000 he withdraws gradually from the economical activity, transferring most of his shares.  He currently holds shares only in one company, as a minority shareholder.

Civic Activities
The Anticommunist Resistance (1985-1989)
The December Revolution 1989
The Students' League (1989-1991)
The University Square 1990
The Civic Alliance (1990-1991)
The Movement for Romania (1992-1995)
The Economic and Social Dialogue (1999-2006)
The League for Cultural Unity of Worldwide Romanians (din 2000)
Euxinus Foundation (2003 - present)
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The Movement for Romania
Party of Romanians' National Unity (PUNR) - The National Alliance
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Our Alliance
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