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Political Activities

Political affiliation

Marian Munteanu did not have any public positions or titles. All his titles and positions in various civic organizations or NGOs were honorific (not involving any retribution).

The Movement for Romania (1992-1995)

Marian Munteanu's first political initiative, in the context of the newly adopted Constitution (1991), was the Cultural-Political Youth Organization “Miscarea pentru România” (The Movement for Romania) (see, above, Civic Activities). The main organization's goal was to later establish a political party with a national-democratic ideological orientation (inspired by the model first proposed by Nicolae Iorga in between the two World Wars). The initiative remained just a project due to the massive denigration campaign it was submitted to ever since it was founded, as well as due to the serious lack of material resources needed for a strong institutional system.

Party of Romanians' National Unity (PUNR) - The National Alliance (aug.-sept. 2000)

In 2000, Marian Munteanu was again about to ready to get involved in the politic life. This time the proposition came from Mircea Druc, former Prime Minister of the Republic of Moldavia and, at that time, President of the National Council of the Party of Romanians National Unity - PUNR. He approached Marian Munteanu with the proposition of running for President of Romania, ensuring PUNR political support for this initiative. The entire body of party leaders confirmed the proposition (at that time the elected President was Mr. Valeriu Tabara).

Munteanu elaborated a political platform mainly focused on regenerating and revitalizing the political class by promoting a new generation of specialists and experts formed and trained after 1989. In this spirit he publicly declared that if the party congress would pass and support his platform and project, he will become a member of PUNR and will candidate on the party's lists, with the intent to support the new political initiative.

Shortly after, PUNR founded the National Alliance, political entity formed as a result of the merge between PUNR and PNR (The National Romanian Party, Presided by Virgil Magureanu).

Although the Alliance's Congress initially accepted the program elaborated by Marian Munteanu, the executive leadership excluded all young candidates from the electoral lists for Parliament. Under such circumstances, Marian Munteanu refused to become a party member, withdrew as a candidate and did not participate at the elections.

The National Alliance got a less than satisfactory electoral score (1%) and disappeared. Its main leaders (Valeriu Tabără, Dorin Iacob a.o.) joined the Democratic Party - PD - presided by Traian Bãsescu (presently President of Romania).

Civic Activities
The Anticommunist Resistance (1985-1989)
The December Revolution 1989
The Students' League (1989-1991)
The University Square 1990
The Civic Alliance (1990-1991)
The Movement for Romania (1992-1995)
The Economic and Social Dialogue (1999-2006)
The League for Cultural Unity of Worldwide Romanians (din 2000)
Euxinus Foundation (2003 - present)
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The Movement for Romania
Party of Romanians' National Unity (PUNR) - The National Alliance
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