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Professors and Mentors

Marian Munteanu was, in his youth, an apprentice to Petre Tutea in his youth.

He was also guided and mentored by Professors George Munteanu, Ernest Bernea, Dumitru Stãniloae and Mihai Pop. He got his Ph.D. under the scientific coordination of Professor Silviu Angelescu.

As a student he attended the courses lectured by Professors Alec Hantă, Ion Rotaru, Ioan Alexandru, Emanuel Vasiliu, Grigore Brancusi, Ion Coteanu, Pavel Ruxandoiu, Paul Cornea, Ion Dodu Balan, Nicolae Manolescu a.o.

He was also involved in ethnology and folklore research activities under the coordination of Professors Mihai Pop, Octav Paun, Silviu Angelescu, Nicolae Constantinescu.

One of his main professional and scientific goals is to continue on the ethnological research direction pioneered by Ernest Bernea and, also, to enhance the theoretical contributions of Dumitru Caracostea, Ovidiu Bârlea, Adrian Fochi, Mihai Pop, Alexandru I. Amzulescu, Silviu Angelescu.

Home at Petre Tutea
Home at Father Stãniloae
Together with his professors: Acad. Mihai Pop (left), Prof. univ. dr. Silviu Angelescu (middle)
Sihastria Monastery, together with Father Cleopa
Together with his confessor, Father Gheorghe, Prior at The Virgin Mary Nativity Hermitage (Marginea, Suceava)

Civic Activities
The Anticommunist Resistance (1985-1989)
The December Revolution 1989
The Students' League (1989-1991)
The University Square 1990
The Civic Alliance (1990-1991)
The Movement for Romania (1992-1995)
The Economic and Social Dialogue (1999-2006)
The League for Cultural Unity of Worldwide Romanians (din 2000)
Euxinus Foundation (2003 - present)
Our Alliance
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Political Affiliation
The Movement for Romania
Party of Romanians' National Unity (PUNR) - The National Alliance
The National Liberal Party
Our Alliance
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 Marian Munteanu