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Published Works

Volumes, Studies, Dialogues (a selection)

The Folklore of Detention, The Forms of Freedom Deprivation in Folklore Study, Typology, Anthology and Glossary, Valahia Publishing House, 2007-2008.

The Poetry of Resistance, Clio Publishing House, 1999; a critical study of literature history (graduation license thesis, The Letters Faculty, Bucharest University, 1991), initially published (fragments) in the cultural magazine "Noua Revistă Română" (The New Romanian Magazine), Bucharest, 1996

Dialogue with Petre Tutea, presently being published (some fragments were published in the volume "Petre Tutea, Between God and my Nation", Anastasia Foundation - The Graphic Art Publishing House, Bucharest, 1992, pages 103 to 118)

Orthodoxy is the mankind future, Advice and Guidance for Youth by Father Staniloaie, addressed in a dialogue with Marian Munteanu, Valahia Publishing House, 2000.

Revolution and Restoration, study published, in series, in "Ziua" (The Day) newspaper in December 2001 - January 2002.

Coordinated Editions, Forewords (a selection)

• Tache Papahagi, Antologie aromânească (Aromanian Anthology), Scrisul Românesc Publishing House, Craiova, 2008 (foreword)

• Nicolae Iorga, Caracterul comun al instituţiilor din Sud-Estul Europei (The Common Features of South-East European Institutions), Valahia Publishing House, Bucharest, 2008 (coordinated edition)

• Dionisie Fotino, Istoria Daciei (History of Dacia), Valahia Publishing House, Bucharest, 2008 (coordinated edition)

• *** CERC – Cercetări Etnologice Româneşti Contemporane (Romanian Contemporary Ethnological Researches), Ethnology Publication, 2005 - 2008 (coordinated editions)

• Dr. Dragoş Nicolescu, Morala medicului (Tratat de etică medicală) (The Medical Doctor's Morals - Medical Ethics Treaty), Valahia Publishing House, Bucharest, 2006 (coordinated edition)

Prea Fericitul Teoctist, Patriarhul românilor de pretutindeni (His Beatitude Teoctist, the Patriarch of Romanians from all over the World), Euxinus, 2005 (afterword)

• Gavrilă Filichi, Ziua a cincisprezecea (15 Noiembrie 1987, Braşov, România. O mărturie) (The Fifteenth Day, November 15 1987 Brasov Romania - A Testimony), Lamura, Bucharest, 1994

• Petre Tutea, Între Dumnezeu si neamul meu (Between God and My People), Anastasia Foundation - The Graphic Art Publishing House, Bucharest, 1992 (foreword and afterword)

University Lectures held at the Bucharest University, the Faculty of Letters

• Literary Anthropology

• Cultural Memory

• The Sociology of Popular Culture

• The History of Religions

• The Romanian Popular Culture in European Context

Civic Activities
The Anticommunist Resistance (1985-1989)
The December Revolution 1989
The Students' League (1989-1991)
The University Square 1990
The Civic Alliance (1990-1991)
The Movement for Romania (1992-1995)
The Economic and Social Dialogue (1999-2006)
The League for Cultural Unity of Worldwide Romanians (din 2000)
Euxinus Foundation (2003 - present)
Our Alliance
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The Movement for Romania
Party of Romanians' National Unity (PUNR) - The National Alliance
The National Liberal Party
Our Alliance
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