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Marian Munteanu was born in a family of intellectuals with Moldavian and Aromanian roots. His father, Vladimir Munteanu (1930-1992), an engineer, was from Southern Basarabia (Chilia Nouã, Ismail County) and his mother, Maria Munteanu, Romanian language teacher, born in 1940 in Piatra Neamt, Neamt County, descends, on her mother's family line, from an old Aromanian family (Moga).

His grandfather, from his father line of the family, Teofan Munteanu, teacher and Romanian army officer was a political prisoner (1940-1956) being held in Vorkuta and Norilsk concentration camps (Siberia).

Neither his parents nor his grandparents were ever actively involved, before 1989, in any political activities as party members.

Vladimir Munteanu
Auto Engineer, inventor
Maria Munteanu
 (n. 1940)
Teacher of Romanian language, poet
Granparents and Great-grandparents
Teofan Munteanu
Teacher, Army Officer
Iacob Munteanu
Christian-Orthodox Priest, Protopriest
Mihail Munteanu
Christian-Orthodox Priest
Civic Activities
The Anticommunist Resistance (1985-1989)
The December Revolution 1989
The Students' League (1989-1991)
The University Square 1990
The Civic Alliance (1990-1991)
The Movement for Romania (1992-1995)
The Economic and Social Dialogue (1999-2006)
The League for Cultural Unity of Worldwide Romanians (din 2000)
Euxinus Foundation (2003 - present)
Our Alliance
Other Organizations
Political Activities
Political Affiliation
The Movement for Romania
Party of Romanians' National Unity (PUNR) - The National Alliance
The National Liberal Party
Our Alliance
Economic Activities
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 Marian Munteanu